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Portrait of Tamara Wellons, Manager, Artist in Residence Program, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

By Scott Stoner, Artist in Residence, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts/Inova Schar Cancer Institute


Description [Creator]: I chose to paint a portrait of Tamara (Tami) Wellons, Artist in Residence Program Manager, to honor the joy and passion she brings to the Artist in Residence team and to the many patients, caregivers, and staff who have experienced her lovely singing voice. Tami draws upon her love and compassion for all human beings to share her artistry and connect with wide ranging audiences across our community. I painted the treble clef earrings to reflect her enormous talent as a musician, and placed her in the Inova setting to reflect her leadership as manager of Smith Center for Healing and the Arts’ Artist in Residence Program. Tami genuinely understands and is committed to advancing the healing power of music.

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