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Hope and Healing

In the past few years, Art of the Matter has taken on a major focus in hope and healing: providing comfort and light in challenging situations, in both the local community and beyond. We believe that creating art and building community has the power to promote hope and healing. 

The hope quilt project

The COVID-19 HOPE Quilt is a multi year initiative by Art of the Matter to promote hope and healing in the face of the ongoing global pandemic. The Hope Quilt is a memorial to commemorate frontline workers who have faced extraordinary challenges during COVID-19 and to honor others who have been affected by or lost to the pandemic.  Worldwide, people have contributed to this community art project, telling their stories through art and remembering their sacrifices.

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hope at inova schar cancer center


The artwork in this installation was created by Inova Schar Cancer Institute patients, caregivers, staff, and artists working with Smith Center for Healing and the Arts' Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR). Renowned Virginia sculptor Jeff Hall created the sculptural letters and adhered the work to the letters. To see closeups of the artwork and to learn about their inspiring stories, please visit our online gallery This installation is donated by local artist and philanthropist Diane Canney. Her public charity, Art of the Matter, promotes the transformative power of the arts for hope and healing.

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tribute portraits


AOTM has created portraits to honor unsung heroes, frontline and essential workers as well as those impacted by and lost to the pandemic. 

This project provided an avenue to support and employ artists during the pandemic while providing comfort to grieving families, and gratitude to selfless acts of courage by frontline workers. 

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letters of hope - traveling sculpture


In 2022, the COVID-19 HOPE Quilt traveled around the country, spreading a message of hope and healing. 

June 3-5: Schoolhouse Quilt Show, Cumberland MD

July 14-24: Sacred Threads, Herndon, VA 

August 11-13: Mancuso QuiltFest New England, Springfield, MA

September 15-18: Mancuso National Quilt Extravaganza, Oaks, PA 

October 13-16: Mancuso Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA 

International Quilt Festival, "Celebration of Life," Houston 2022

together we will heal


Together We Will Heal is a non-profit cultural arts project honoring people who have contributed to the greater good of their community - people who may not seek recognition, yet deserve their stories to be acknowledged and celebrated.  Recalling the stories of these heroes through art in unforgettable public displays, we aim to bring positive social impact. 

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