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Portrait of S, Caregiver

By Scott Stoner, Artist in Residence, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts/Inova Schar Cancer Institute


Description [Creator]: S accompanies her sister to chemotherapy sessions, which were originally scheduled on a bi-weekly basis, but became weekly over a period of four months. It is remarkable that S flies roundtrip between NYC (where she works and resides with her family) and DC to be with her sister on treatment days. She rarely missed a day throughout the treatment period, was always eager to engage in creative activity, and challenge herself with various projects. When I asked her to create a piece for the HOPE project, she made a rainbow using mixed media. She wrote about the piece “… I miss my two children but am thankful to be able to help my sister. My daughter loves rainbows so it reminds me of my kids.”

With this portrait of S, I honor her generous gift of love for her sister, her family, and her appreciation for the role of the arts in the healing process. The rainbow is similar to the one S created for the HOPE project which, combined with her portrait, reflects the radiant energy she has shared with all of us at the cancer institute.

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