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Artist statement:

"I have been working as an artist in residence with Lisa for well over a year, when she arrived at the cancer institute to begin yet another in a long series of treatment programs - having been diagnosed with stage IV cancer 5 years earlier. She is a fellow artist who obviously draws upon her creative inspiration to driver her self-proclaimed "warrior" spirit. Her work is bold and engaging in whatever medium she chooses to work. Soon after we began our sessions together, she created a collage around one word - "Resilience" - which I thought was an astonishing gift. My painting of Lisa is based upon one of many images she posted on Facebook that has captured her journey with cancer - this taken following a hospital stay. I added "Resilience" to her hospital gown because she so embodies the meaning of the word. Lisa exudes an extraordinary level of courage, passion, hope, and buoyancy that continues to inspire all who have the honor and privilege of knowing her." 

-Scott Stoner, May 2022

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