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The arts have a healing quality unlike any other. Shining a light on both painful and joyous experiences through artistic expression can help heal, not only individuals, but groups and communities as a whole.  At their finest, the arts can transform how people view one other and the world. They can facilitate social awareness and positive social change. And with shared transformative experiences, they can bring us closer together within our communities.  


At Art of the Matter, we are committed to working with local groups on artistic and cultural events & projects, supporting endeavors that help people and communities thrive through art.  We are a high-impact, low-overhead foundation helping to harness the power of art for positive social change to underserved groups.


Our projects are drawn from a wide range of artistic fields to include multicultural and multi-generational participation with people of differing backgrounds, geographies, and life experiences — and together tell a rich and varied American story. They reflect a powerful diversity of experiences and creative expression and provide opportunities for healing and uniting people across the nation and beyond. ​


Our aim is to help provide the means for people to tell their stories in their own voices.  Through art-based community projects, we want to engage volunteer groups in sharing their experiences with a greater audience.  We also support projects from professional and experienced artists with their interpretations of life in their communities.  At Art of Matter, we support art that matters, art with a compelling and positive message to tell.


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